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Children, Safety, Responsibility

Most properties in Alaska, including B&B's and other private lodgings, have potential hazards for both children and adults. The presence of animals, the sting of some insects and plants, uneven ground, trails, snow and ice in the winter, decks, stairs, and hazards inherent in the many normal forms of Alaskan construction and weather may require extra care for children as well as adults. As one of the older B&B's in Homer, Halcyon Heights B&B/Inn is no exception to the need for extra care. In addition, the comfort of all guests dictates that children must be well behaved and under full control of adults responsible for them. While this particularly applies to children from ages 2 through 7, it can apply to children of any age even through age 17 and beyond. We expect responsible adults to exercise full control over their children, and to watch over them at all times for their safety and the safety and comfort of all guests. Parents must be alert that young children/infants do not cry or cause excessive noise such that it disturbs other guests. It is not our responsibility to provide entertainment or oversight for your children nor can we guarantee an environment similar to what your child may have when at home.

In particular, adults must be in full attendance at all times should children be allowed to use the hot tub at Halcyon Heights. Children should never be allowed to wander alone around the grounds. Indoors, young children should not be so loud or out of control so that they disturb others, or endanger themselves or the things around them. Direct and close supervision and guidance is important at all times. Adults are responsible behaviorally and financially for any damage they or their children cause while visiting Halcyon Heights B&B/Inn. Appropriate behavior by both children and adults is important for both the safety and comfort of everyone.

Other than this policy, we cannot be responsible to other guests for violations of our policies by others.

While several rooms lend themselves to the different ages and maturity levels of children, many have found our Captain's Quarters or the Captain's Quarters extended suite to be especially flexible configurations.

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