Halcyon Heights
Bed and Breakfast/Inn

"Where Alaska comes to you!™"


What do we mean when we say:
"Alaska comes to you!"?

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So much of Alaska is yours for the looking at Halcyon Heights B&B/Inn!

Nature's power and beauty is around you on the property itself, and in the views beyond.

Isn't this what Alaska is all about?

Alaska wildlife that may visit Halcyon Heights includes sandhill cranes, grouse, bald eagles, moose (see the young moose visiting Halcyon Heights above), porcupines, and more. Even without leaving Halcyon Heights, you will want to keep your camera ready and a close eye out your window. You never know which part of Alaska will greet you!

But Alaska is more than the beauty of its mountains, glaciers, volcanoes, flowers, and wildlife. It is also a place to find peace in the power that surrounds you. Here, people are not in charge...and you can feel that. Once again, one's place on the planet is put into perspective. We can look at ourselves and sense a different place in the world than that which many are used to in their other lives.

So, come not only for the beauty and adventure, but for the peace you can look for within yourself. Scarcely leaving the property, some guests at Halcyon Heights stay simply to read, walk, think, and pray.

Whatever you need, the dream that is Alaska awaits you! Find that Alaska at a special place:

Halcyon Heights in Homer, Alaska.

Why would you stay anywhere else?

Live the dream in Homer, Alaska, at
Halcyon Heights Bed & Breakfast/Inn.

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