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First time visitors planning to see Alaska often wonder how long they should stay in each place they visit. So the question would naturally be: "How long should I stay in Homer?"

A visitor survey by the Homer Chamber of Commerce had earlier reported, "...the average visit to Homer was three days. Ninety percent of those people surveyed who visited Homer wish they had stayed longer. 100% of the people surveyed said they would recommend Homer as a destination to their friends and relatives."
Homer Chamber of Commerce

National Geographic Adventure magazine (September 2007) listed Homer as the top town to visit in Alaska.

Three days in Homer, Alaska, may not be enough! Many of our guests stay four or more days! Some are here a week or more. One, who came for a few days, ended up staying over four months!

"But I want to see the rest of Alaska, too!"

Alaska is an enormous state. After your first visit, we think you'll realize that you just can't see enough of it in a single visit. But, if you spend much of your time commuting from one location to another, you may see even less in the time you have.

The bottom line is that you want to begin to see a real Alaska! Fishing, the animals, art, the beauty! And in no place in Alaska does so much of that come together so completely as it does in Homer! You can spend your time driving around, getting yourself even more tired each day, wondering what to see next. Or you can see more and do more of what Alaska really is about by spending enough quality time in Homer. As the above survey suggests, three days may not be enough. How long you stay is up to you, but many visitors find that less travel means more Alaska! Less really is more!

Don't shortchange yourself in Alaska! You'll love Homer. It's the real Alaska!

Plan right now to stay longer!

Halcyon Heights Bed and Breakfast/Inn looks forward to welcoming you!

We'll help you to make the most of your time!


For more help planning your complete visit to other places in Alaska, we recommend letting Alaska Private Lodging help you. They can recommend and book great places and exciting activities throughout this great State!

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