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Too many people just see Alaska in the summer. As beautiful as it is then, you must see Alaska in all its seasons! Halcyon Heights B&B/Inn is open all year!

Alaska Summer!Stunning Autumn!

Summer is why people come to Alaska! The long days let you see Alaska's beauty until late at night! Animals and birds are out. First-time visitors to Alaska, are often amazed at the beauty of Alaska's flowers! Come see them! Each month new and different flowers unfold. Summertime adventures are in full swing. Homer's many outstanding restaurants and art galleries wait for you! Nature trails, fishing, bear viewing, walks on the beach, and much more await your summer visit to Halcyon Heights B&B! This page has samples of Summer at Halcyon Heights B&B.

Fall colors are often seen for just a short time. On this page are samples of what you can see if your visit happens at this beautiful time of year! Sometimes, summer travelers are in bed before the sun goes down. Fall means an earlier sunset so that you can actually see it before going to bed! When the skies are clear visitors are able to see beautiful sunrises, sunsets, and, if your timing is right, a beautiful and romantic moon perhaps reflecting on the waters of Katchemak Bay itself. See the trees turn colors. Feel the weather move. Be a part of Alaska in Autumn!

 Vibrant Spring!


Spring! New animals! New life! The beautiful streams and rivers wind through the remnants of the beautiful snow that remains. The throngs of visitors have not yet returned. Where the leaves have not yet returned, you can look through the trees to see views that summer visitors will not be able to see. Alaskans never forget where they are and always see the beauty around them. You can, too! Relax! You are many miles away from the life you left behind! Come live the dream!


Compare Homer's Winter weather with that of so many states in the Lower 48. You'll find it is often milder and more beautiful than you had been led to believe! Sleep late. Arise to see the sun coming up and moving across the sky in front of you! Watch the moon as it rises and lights up the night sky! Take a walk on Homer's Spit with the locals. Cross country skiing, a beautiful drive down East End Road, and ALWAYS photos! Every season is beautiful! See the photos!

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The Freshness of Winter!The Freshness of Winter!
The Freshness of Winter!

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