This is a reflected sunrise in an outside window seen looking out a front window at Halcyon Heights. Want to see the actual sunrise? Imagine looking out the large side picture window to your left to see the full sunrise in all its glory!

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Alaska's views can be breathtaking!

But, if you have a little time (this page isn't short!), we'd like to talk to you about a secret for picking a room in Alaska, or anywhere else.

Don't be so concerned about the view from your room.

We know that sounds strange. After all, isn't that why you're in Alaska?

First, know that at Halcyon Heights B&B/Inn you'll be able to experience some of the best views around.

But here's what we'd like to tell you:

Almost every lodging in Alaska will tell you that it has a great view. And many do! They might have a river view, an inlet view, a mountain view, an ocean view, a valley view, a forest view, or a view of the parking lot so you can admire that nice car you rented. You'll love all those views (well, almost all). But don't get so concerned about getting a "view" when you reserve a room that you ignore other great features of the places you're staying.

When guests are in their room, most rarely even look out their window. Oh sure, they'll look out to see the view when they arrive for a moment or two. But then the blinds are closed or the curtains are drawn so other people don't look in (and you can't look out). And the view is gone! Then, it's time for bed and, well, that's the end of the view.

Next morning, you're up and in the shower getting ready to go for the day. Again, perhaps a moment looking out the window to check the weather and as a reminder that they're still in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Seeing a wonderful view from your room really is nice. But is two or three minutes looking at the view from your room enough to justify picking a room you might not otherwise enjoy?

Most travelers would say no.

As soon as your day starts, you'll see the beauty of Alaska wherever you turn. Don't become so concerned about what you can see from your room because most people just don't spend much time looking out their window. They're just tired at the end of an exciting day. True?

Lodgings everywhere will sell you views whether you can see them or not. They may post a photo from the only place on their property that has a spectacular view. And it may not be anywhere near the bedroom you'll be in.

Want a reason to actually ask for a room without a view? Many people aren't used to going to bed when the sun is still up during Alaska's long, beautiful summer days. Many sleep best in rooms that are a little darker, perhaps even with no windows at all. If you think you might have trouble sleeping, forget the view. You might sleep better.

And what kind of view do you really want? You can certainly find lodging right next to the water, but your view isn't much different than if you stay by the water any other place in the world. After all, you've seen the water before. All right, it's always more beautiful in Alaska, but you know what we mean. We'd biasly recommend a more all encompassing view, such as you'll find on the grounds of Halcyon Heights from where you can see everything.

If you find yourself at lodging without the windows and grounds of Halcyon Heights, then, of course, you might hope that at least your room does have a view. But you may have a great room anyway!



The views from some of our rooms truly are spectacular! But the best views here, and elsewhere, are not in the rooms themselves.

Get up a little earlier in the morning and wander out to the living room. See if you're early enough to catch the sunrise from the many panoramic windows there. Many photos on our website were taken out those very windows! Or come in winter, sleep in, and then watch one of the most spectacular sunrises on the planet.

Sit in our front living area just a few feet from our large stone fireplace and watch for moose that often cross the grounds of Halcyon Heights. Sometimes, you may even see them from our breakfast table. Many birds and animals visit our property. Look out our windows to see the Homer Spit. Watch the spectacular Kenai Mountains in the distance, stretching miles across the Kachemak Bay.

Some people have spent many days rarely even leaving Halcyon Heights, but always close to the view.

Sure, you can see those things from more than one of our rooms, but the best views are from the front living room windows which are always available to you. You're invited to be there anytime you want! A large number of the many photos on our website were taken directly out those windows.

Besides the front windows, your room might have an outside deck. Again, just four steps outside your room you'll be able to see a far better view than staying inside any room. All rooms have access to our decks, including our Main Deck, which is usually not much more than a 60 second walk from any of our rooms.

Our very best views are saved for those who walk the upper grounds of Halcyon Heights. Walk to the top of our expansive lawn, out behind our hot tub deck. Sit on the lawn, if you'd like, and take photos of the views from there. Watch the small Alaskan planes take off and land, too. Few rooms anywhere will let you revel in that breathtaking beauty!

During the few weeks our upper trails might be clear, you can walk them and take photos of the native vegetation while you enjoy the views as you look out through our trees.

At some times of the year, guests have stayed up late at night setting up their cameras & tripods on our hot tub deck for an unbelievable view of the full moon rising in the distance over the Kenai Mountains and reflecting on the Kachemak Bay itself. The nearly five mile long Homer Spit may be bathed in the glow of that reflection.

So, please don't be concerned with exactly what you can see from your room. Pick your room based on the other features you want from the place you stay. Then walk a few feet to see what Alaska is really all about.

Our advice is not just for your stay at Halcyon Heights. This is advice for any place you might stay in Alaska. Innkeepers know they have to sell guests a "view" because, good or bad, that's what guests expect. But don't fall for it. You could be disappointed. Get a nice room, a great breakfast, and innkeepers who care about your visit to Alaska. We like to think that's exactly what you'll find at Halcyon Heights!

When our Homer weather is good, we know you'll be thrilled with Alaska's beauty as seen from Halcyon Heights. Even when the weather's not good, you'll love watching the power and beauty of whatever Alaska's weather offers directly from the Halcyon Heights' windows. Look again at the many photos on this site taken at Halcyon Heights!

Pick a room. Enjoy your sleep. You'll need it! Don't wory about "the view." When you're up, get out and look around! It's all here waiting for you. After all,

This is Homer, Alaska!

We look forward to seeing you!


(And we'll give you a great breakfast, too!)

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